Royal Panalo Switcher Promo
February 2, 2023
March 31, 2023

We want you back promo


  1. This promo is applicable to all disconnected Royal Cable subscribers that have all the following criteria mentioned below:
    1. Former subscribers that have been connected to other providers and willing to subscribe to Royal Cable again.
    2. Former subscriber who was not on the list of “no payment since connected”
    3. Former subscriber who requested a proper disconnection and surrendered all units.
    4. Former subscribers who did not request proper disconnection but still have the units in good working condition.
  2. Upon the application, the former subscriber must provide the latest proof of billing of old provider with name and address.
  3. Any outstanding balance owed by the subscriber and reconnection fee would be waived.
  4. Former subscribers who will avail this promo, will get 50% discount of their monthly subscription fee, good for one year.
  5. Not valid in conjunction with other promos
  6. Contract period – 24 months.
  7. This promo runs from February 06, 2023 to December 31, 2023

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